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Monday, November 06, 2006


Hi everyone!
I’m having a relaxed evening in my flat. Don’t happen that often now days but when they do it is great. I listen to Rebecca St:James (Lou is next) A minute ago I lay in on my settee and read "The Word on the street". And my thought started to drift of. It drifts west and south to a town in south England, a town with a royal football team (12th place is not that bad after all, or?), a town and a lot of people that I owe my thank to.
It was awhile ago that I send you some news about how I’m doing and now I want to do it and I want to say thank you for my year in Reading and at Hope House. I hope I have said it before but want to say it again. To say that the year turned my life around would be wrong it more straitened it up, made me more focus and on fire for the messiah.
At Uni. I’m writing a easy on rewards in heaven (I’m sure you got some stored up) and I used "The strongest strong" (5kg of theology) and thought of you guys at Hope House and especially you Billy. I had a pike on my bookshelves and saw "The normal Christian life" and "The wild gospel" thanks Jim for all our discussions and your inspiring devotion to Christ and his gospel. And thank you Heather for your care and let Gabriel and Lily know that I miss them and would like to play pirates sometime. Jim, I went for a run yesterday, it felt good, how is your running doing?
I sometime think of what you, Ian ones said: Do you worship enough. And then I turn on some good CD and praise God. Thanks Ian and Judy for your hospitality and your caring attitude towards me and all your good food!! I haven’t found any good place for all my flags but I see them each day and I’m reminded about my room, my trip to Cardiff (Mike), Eurovision and the World Cup (all of you but especially Kevin). And in my bedroom there is to paintings on the wall, bought from CCA and given to me in Christmas present by Leon, thanks.
I still get the weakly mail from the CU (it helps me write to the CU here) and today I’m wearing the shirt I got from the mission week. Thanks Mark for listening.
Michell I know that my spelling isn’t perfect but it has improved (and with the help of a computer…) but you helped me with that and a lot of other things, by the way I talked to the Bishop the other day and he is quite nice after all. J
Now Lou Fellingham is on so it is time to thank all of you in Cell for letting me be a part of cell during my year. Thanks Rache for giving me a lift (or was it more then one time?), Jo, Katy, Dave, Pete, Nim, Staysie, Ryan, Nadia. What can I say? Promise to hover more and put the chocolate on the moos or was it the other way around? Jo, when is it time for a game of Risk?
Well I don’t know if you get the picture but I’m grateful and I miss you all.
Now a short update on my life. Uni. is busy. New subject tomorrow. Church and missionhistory. Interesting but I guess there will be a lot of discussions about what mission really is and so on. CU is busy and only very few is engaged and want to do something about it. This coming weekend there is a conference in my church. About 200 young adults will come. I’m helping with the first service and it is great fun. An old friend of mine will come and stay with me. As my last mouth of service in Church f Sweden before I get ordained (in 2 years time) I’ll be teaching at a confirmation camp during the summer. Big challenge but great opportunity, please pray that I’ll end up with other leaders that want to teach the same thing as me.
One last thing. I’m taking singing lessons and for you how knows my feelings about singing in public you also understand what a big challenge that is for me but it is so fun. I have the best of teachers and I’m learning loads. Marcel how is your song writing going? Do you need a extra voice? Keep singing to the Lord.
It might sounds like I’m doing quite a lot (and I’m) but occasionally I also get the chance take an easy going evening.
Heather you asked for my address and it is the same as the one you have (I think) but to be sure here it is again.
Henrik Persson
Bellmansgatan 40, 1tr
754 26 Uppsala
Now I also have my own landline 0046 18 142454
And mobile 0046 18 739377665
All the best to all of you and may God bless you1
Henrik - The swede

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Things are changing

Hi friends,

First of all: Sorry! My plan to write here at my blogg every week failed miserably as soon as I came to Uppsala. I hope there are still people checking this page out ones in a wile (I understand if you got bored). Even if I haven’t been writing here I have been thinking of you and been praying for you.

Well, well.
I have moved back to Uppsala and in to a new flat and I’m so pleased with it. It has two rooms and a tiny kitchen. I still have boxes on the floor and nothing on the wall (except for the pictures from Hope House). But I enjoy having my own flat and I praise God for it most days J. I have managed to get a landline so if you want to call me try 0046 18 142454. I think most of you have my mobile otherwise let me know. When I tried to connect my computer to the dial-up modem (is that English?) it (the modem) crashed. I tried everything (almost) but today I decided it was dead. I also found out with the help of a friend that my computer is way to old. Well, well I’m a student now I can’t afford a new computer. Instead I walk the long distance to my collage (3 minutes) and use there broadband.

What else do I want you to know? It is so strange to be back. I know a lot of the people here (and it is great to meat them again) but some are new and some has left. I also realise that the year in Reading changed me and people here has changed as well. That means that I need to adjust how I live my life here in Uppsala.

Other things have changed as well. Now I don’t have to study Greek (hallelujah) so I have plenty of time for other things. (I’m already behind in my studies.) I’m now the chairman of one of the three Christian unions here and that is great fun and a lot of work. Now when the semester has started it is less to do but we still keep busy. I also play some freebee and on Monday I’ll start playing volleyball with a local team. So how needs to study to be busy?

Sweden is in a changing situation as well. We had elections to the parliament (and local elections) today and we will probably get a new government. The social democrats (labour) has been in power for…is it 8 or 12 years??? And it seems like the conservative, lib. dem. And some other parties will rule together (we have 7 parties in the parliament). But it is very close. Now ¾ of the votes are counted and it only differs by one % between the two alternatives.

Now it is time to publish this so I wish you all the best (=God’s blessing).
Henrik Persson, the Swede.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Anyone seen any european athlethics?

Hi everyone!

It's me again. Yes, I know that I havn't been that good at writing here, even my aim at ones a week has failed, but I'll blaim the nice sommer weather. We have had good weather here in Sweden this last mounthe. Warm and sunny. We had a few day with realy haveay rain and a massive thunderstrom, the thunderstorm lasted from 5am till noon and the electricity dissapared for 2 houres.

Today I've been lasy all day long and that is great to have the chance to be that from time to time. Working as a wannabe vicar i get the mondays of and since the european athletic championchips (?) started today I've been laying infront of the tely and see all the fit men and women run, jump and throug things. At one pointe I also arranged so I could lie in the garden and whatch the game. The best bit about it is that it is held in Gothenbugh, Sweden and Sweden is doing well already. It is also good to get the cometators talking about important things, like swedish athleaths insted of British. Is the championcips shown in UK?

My work as a wannabe vicar is going well, I think at least. It is great to do what I think God has called me to even if it is a completly diffrent thing to work four weeks at the same place and to have a full time job. There is things I would like to do, but that is no point in me doing during this short time. People I probobly only will meet ones seems though work to get to know and so on. Well, time is runig away. I've been working for 3 weeks and I only have one more week to go. I've lead and preached on four services (2 last sunday and 2 yesterday), wich has been fun and challanging. In the week ahead my biggest challange is to lead a funarul on friday, please pray. It is so hard to know what to say and I'll probobly(?) bee so nervous.

The time is also drawing close for me to move to Uppsala. I'll leave Hässleholm (parents place) in less the 2 weeks now, on the 18th. The plan is to rent a thing to toe after the car (?) so I can get all my stuff up there. David, my brouther will join me and help me move. He will then pick up dad in stockholm and drive the car back to Hässleholm with Dads stuff.

It's now 2 weeks and 11h till I start my uni. course again. If it is possible I'll study "View of the Bibel", write a esay about something (any suggestions? do you have a theological question you want me to answer?) and "Church and mission history". Only two more years!!!

God bless you and yes I do support the athleats from UK as well. :)

By the way, commant!!! NOW!!!